Advantages Of Exterior Gateway Protocol

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RIRs implement the hosted model differently from each other.
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OSPF domain is an ASBR.
UPDATE messages are used to transfer routing information.
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Link State routing protocols routing.
LSDB size that results from a hierarchical OSPF design.
One tuple for each reachable destination.
More distance results in slower speeds and vice versa.
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This best route is selected by the BGP by using path Attributes.
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It is not a completely new protocol.

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In this state, the BGP has a slow convergence rate.
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One of the most popular networking equipment companies in the world is Cisco.
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There is debate as to whether this is a sound model.
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Below is how the neighbor table in the above topology look like.
BGP may be used for routing within an autonomous system.

We will see later what happens with equal cost paths.